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February 2016, SIM Gallery - Reykjavik, Iceland

- Sculpture/ light installation based on the Icelandic landscape - Kirkjufell is an experiment with the way that light and shadow, though intangible, can occupy space.
This work was created during my 2 months at SIM International Art Residency in Reykjavik, Iceland.
I am hoping to find a suitable venue to exhibit this work in 2016.


January 2016, SIM Gallery - Reykjavik, Iceland

These Photographs taken during a spectacular sunrise as my plane was departing Helsinki.  As it was below freezing the plane had been sprayed down before take off and the residual water droplets froze as we gained altitude. 

MacroChroma Botanica

October 2015, Botanical Gardens Information Centre - Cairns, Australia

MacroChroma Botanica was produced during my time as an Artist in Residence at Tanks Art Centre. I became captivated by the tropical botanical life found in the Cairns Botanical Gardens. The work focuses especially on the shapes, colours and textures found on close examination of some initially very ordinary looking plants. MacroChroma Botanica is an exploration of the abstract beauty to be found when one takes a closer look at plants that are often overlooked.   

Beyond These Lines

September 2015, Cell Artspace- Cairns, Australia

“Beyond These Lines” is an experiment with the way that light and shadow, though intangible, can occupy space. Using large scale translucent tracing paper as “light stencils” two layers of images have been created.

The first image is seen through the voids in the translucent material and the second with the light that flows throughthose voids to the surface beyond.  

Between These Lines

"Between These Lines" is my response to quite varied influences including the artwork of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Len Lye, traditional Maori weaving and the New Zealand landscape, the recent writing of French economist Thomas Picketty, traditional "women's crafts" and my experimentation with the effects of directional lighting.

A photoprojekt I did whilst living in Berlin. One evening on my way home to Neukoln from Spandau, I broke one of the unwritten rules of underground train travel, I got off the train! I got off the train at every station, took photos and got on the very next train.  I was not disappointed. The stations I had zoomed past twice a day turned out to be incredible! Some of my favourites are here.

This gallery includes photos of a natural sculptural work I did in Brighton, an installation in Wellington and a few other examples of earlier work.

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